Professional online tutoring services are offered by Ace Academy Tutoring Centre to target the learning needs of Primary School students (Foundation - Year 6) and Secondary School students (Year 7- Year 12). The tutoring centre also specialises in preparing students for Naplan, Scholarship, Selective School and VCE examinations.  Classes are delivered via Zoom and the curriculum is aligned to ACARA (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority). Primary focus of the English Classes is on the narrative, persuasive, argumentative, and analytical genres. Number sense and numerical reasoning are key components of the  Maths classes. 


Naplan Preparation

Year 3, Year 5, Year 7, Year 9

General Primary 

Foundation - Year 6

VCE Preparation

General Maths (1-2)

Further Methods (3-4)

Maths Methods (1-4)

Specialist Maths (1-4)

Chemistry, Physics, Biology (1-4)

English Language

English Literature

Mainstream English

General Secondary 

Year 7 - Year 10


Preparation for entry to Foundation (formal first year of schooling)

Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8

Scholarship and Selective School Preparation



At Ace Academy Tutoring, class size is limited so we can cater effectively to your child's learning needs. Ongoing support and feedback on your child's progress is provided throughout the duration of the course.

At Ace Academy, we understand that all students learn at their own pace, hence there are special classes (small group, one on one) to meet the special needs of your child.

Course material at Ace Academy Tutoring has been exclusively designed by a team of highly qualified educational personnel. The courses are aligned with ACARA ( Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority) and are delivered by trained and experienced teachers.

“Education brings about opportunity and in turn inspiration.”"For this reason alone, the team at Ace Academy believe that the cost of tutoring should be affordable to the majority so as to make every attempt to provide equal opportunity. In this light, the tuition fees are comparatively lower than other tutoring centres without any compromise on service. 

Learning goals for each course are set at the outset. There is flexibility for transfer between course levels depending upon students'academic ability. Teachers are readily available to discuss students' progress.

The team at Ace Academy Tutoring Centre will provide your child with an holistic education that will not only promote success in a school environment but will nurture self-discipline and a love for life-long learning.



Mon - Fri: 6 pm to 8 pm
​​Saturday: 10:00 am to 4 pm
​Sunday: 10:00
 am to 2 pm



Online Weekly Classes Via Zoom

- Slideshows

- Guided Notes Companion

- Interactive Pdfs (sheets)

- Digital Task Cards

- Grading Data

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